Wednesday, November 21, 2018


The Liberal's do have the portfolio now, and it's not moving very well.  There is no surprise that the Royal Canadian Air Force primary fighting capacity is the CF18 Hornets.  It is no surprise that these aircraft are well into/past their effective life.  And we are still holding them together and planning a lifespan increase which is looking forward  into the ridiculous.

Even if the purpose of these aircraft was to ferry people around the north, this would be an almost silly extension.  That is not their purpose.  They are to stand up to hostile aircraft, defending Canada, our interests and allies.  These aircraft,  if called on to go operational, will be up against aircraft that are decades newer, and better equipped.  Even if upgrades are done to keep them bare minimum serviceable they may be little more than target practice for an enemy force.

This did not become an issue, just now.  It was let to go to shambles by government after government, but for sure Trudeau's Liberal government has it now.  Since it would seem as though the Liberals are planning to apply to keep the job they now have, solving the problem,  concretely,  doesn't seem like a strange expectation.

Explaining the costs involved, while committing to them is not going to be the easiest,  but in the age of Trump, the people just may understand,  counting on the US  without a self determined option, for our own defence, is no longer an option for us

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