Tuesday, October 23, 2018


It seems that people will believe anything as long as what they already believe is backed up by the lie.  If you believe that a school bus can fly, when you are shown a meme or other doctored piece showing you a school bus flying, you don't question it, you bathe in warm fuzzy feeling of being right.

Getting it right and being right are two different things. Getting it right doesn't always feel as good.  If you have done all the research and it tells you someone you love is going to die soon, getting it right doesn't fill you with endorphins to celebrate your success.  Having someone agree with you that your loved one will live, even in the face of all the evidence against it, feels great, even if they are only saying it to make you feel better.

When it comes to the discourse we are having right now, Trump fans need to be willing to swallow some hard, fact based, real truths.

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