Wednesday, October 24, 2018


It happens  not just every day  but many times a day.  Trump and or his minions and enablers spew out "easily provable" lies.  The response to these lies is predictable and therefore very easy to manipulate.

1. We lose our shit.
2. We call out the lie. In doing this we repeat the lie OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN.
3.  We spend time, putting out the facts, that could be spent making sure you in the USA are ready and will win the midterm elections.

It's time to ignore the bully and his hoard of manipulators.  YOU ARE NOT GOING TO CONVERT MAGAs.  You have to not spread the lies for them and must, with laser make the best showing possible of the next 2 years with control of the house.  I know some of you want to tear down the old guard in the Democratic party right away.  Nancy Pelosi has done an excellent job getting the midterm win.  Work with her, she knows what she is doing.  Arranging a graceful hand over of the baton will be a win for all of you.

Put in your ear plugs and STAY ON TARGET.

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