Sunday, October 28, 2018


This vast left wing conspiracy, coordinated across oceans and continents, with not a couple, or a dozen, or a hundred, but THOUSANDS of qualified scientists all apparently standing to make vast sums of money by completely trashing their education, careers and reputations to invent Climate Change.  I have to put it to the coordinators of this plot, they have orchestrated something amazing.  But what is the evidence of this vast conspiracy?  What have these people, spread over vast distances and circumstances to gain from trying to move mankind away from carbon based energy?

The answers to both of those questions is the same; not very much.

How long has the consent of CO2 based climate change been discussed?  For as much as a century, at least.  The tangible and solid evidence is clearly documented.  Does this mean a guarantee that everything is going to turn out exactly as forecast? No.  In terms we have become familiar with,  the evidence points to a CREDIBLE THREAT of catastrophic consequences from human caused climate change.

We can't ignore the "chatter" based on the intelligence that has been gathered from all around the planet.  The system has been upset and we are being targeted.  Time is running out to deal with this credible threat.

It's also vital to keep it in perspective, we aren't trying to save the planet. WE ARE TRYING TO SAVE OURSELVES.  The planet is going to continue revolving around the sun for billions of years.  We have a roll in how long it will support us.

There is a credible threat to your children and or grand children's future.  Don't you think we should do something to protect their safety?

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