Tuesday, October 30, 2018


This is the biggest problem the conspiracy theorists, big and small, have and their big elaborate conspiracies.  There is no way out.  They can't tell you, for example, what evidence has to be presented to exonerate George Soros from the accusation that he is funding the migrant caravan.  This also stems from the lack of evidence that he is funding it.

It goes well beyond these political conspiracies of the moment.  What evidence will be good enough to end the conspiracy theories on the moon landing?  What is the golden proof that will possibly make the stacks of facts enough?  The pictures, video, the live coverage at the time, the high profile, not covered up failures, all point to a real event.  What will it take to flip the switch?  What's it going to take to make it real to the theorists?

Give us a clue.  What's it going to take?  Give us a chance and we may surprise you with what we know.

Sunday, October 28, 2018


This vast left wing conspiracy, coordinated across oceans and continents, with not a couple, or a dozen, or a hundred, but THOUSANDS of qualified scientists all apparently standing to make vast sums of money by completely trashing their education, careers and reputations to invent Climate Change.  I have to put it to the coordinators of this plot, they have orchestrated something amazing.  But what is the evidence of this vast conspiracy?  What have these people, spread over vast distances and circumstances to gain from trying to move mankind away from carbon based energy?

The answers to both of those questions is the same; not very much.

How long has the consent of CO2 based climate change been discussed?  For as much as a century, at least.  The tangible and solid evidence is clearly documented.  Does this mean a guarantee that everything is going to turn out exactly as forecast? No.  In terms we have become familiar with,  the evidence points to a CREDIBLE THREAT of catastrophic consequences from human caused climate change.

We can't ignore the "chatter" based on the intelligence that has been gathered from all around the planet.  The system has been upset and we are being targeted.  Time is running out to deal with this credible threat.

It's also vital to keep it in perspective, we aren't trying to save the planet. WE ARE TRYING TO SAVE OURSELVES.  The planet is going to continue revolving around the sun for billions of years.  We have a roll in how long it will support us.

There is a credible threat to your children and or grand children's future.  Don't you think we should do something to protect their safety?

Wednesday, October 24, 2018


It happens  not just every day  but many times a day.  Trump and or his minions and enablers spew out "easily provable" lies.  The response to these lies is predictable and therefore very easy to manipulate.

1. We lose our shit.
2. We call out the lie. In doing this we repeat the lie OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN.
3.  We spend time, putting out the facts, that could be spent making sure you in the USA are ready and will win the midterm elections.

It's time to ignore the bully and his hoard of manipulators.  YOU ARE NOT GOING TO CONVERT MAGAs.  You have to not spread the lies for them and must, with laser make the best showing possible of the next 2 years with control of the house.  I know some of you want to tear down the old guard in the Democratic party right away.  Nancy Pelosi has done an excellent job getting the midterm win.  Work with her, she knows what she is doing.  Arranging a graceful hand over of the baton will be a win for all of you.

Put in your ear plugs and STAY ON TARGET.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018


It seems that people will believe anything as long as what they already believe is backed up by the lie.  If you believe that a school bus can fly, when you are shown a meme or other doctored piece showing you a school bus flying, you don't question it, you bathe in warm fuzzy feeling of being right.

Getting it right and being right are two different things. Getting it right doesn't always feel as good.  If you have done all the research and it tells you someone you love is going to die soon, getting it right doesn't fill you with endorphins to celebrate your success.  Having someone agree with you that your loved one will live, even in the face of all the evidence against it, feels great, even if they are only saying it to make you feel better.

When it comes to the discourse we are having right now, Trump fans need to be willing to swallow some hard, fact based, real truths.

Friday, October 12, 2018


How do you get people to understand, imperfection in the scientific process, does not negate it?

People put together experiments and study existing literature.  Still others follow populations and make observations on the reactions of the population to different conditions all in an effort to understand how things have become the way they are.  Even more important, figuring out how things will be in the future.  It is how we are going to save a place on the planet for ourselves, or not, if people continue to ignore good science because they've heard some science is poorly done, or the result is not in their best, short term, interest.

Good science can have a lot of pitfalls and bad leads. The bad leads can't be ignored, have to be explained and looked at with appropriate weight.  It does not make something a bad lead if the only issue is that it does not support the hypothesis (What the designer of the experiment expected the result to be, or prove).  All the same, if you have one experiment that gives a contrary result, it does not obliterate the hypothesis - unless it does.  Yes, it's complicated sometimes.

If you find an issue with a study, on any topic, it does not mean you have killed the validity of the result.  It has to be weighed and looked at with the whole of the study.  If it does kill it then so be it, we have learned.  If the result holds up, so be it, we have learned. Learning is after all the goal of real science.

Hopefully the thrill of getting it right is better than the rush of being right.