Monday, September 24, 2018


No mansplaining here, just trying to get us to a place where we can solve some problems.

It seems that we have a real problem with expectations.

First understanding we must put into the debate is the reality that human beings are not divine creations of a divine being.  Sorry, but unless we come to grips with the fact that we are highly evolved animals, with animal workings, animal needs and animal instincts we are going to continue to set expectations for ourselves that we can not live up to.

With that reality in mind, please repeat the following until it is memorized and understood:


It does though force us to set a standard on what is criminal and what is normal communication between human beings on a cognitive and physical level. Simply put, what is an error in communication and what is an aggressive and intentional assault against a person who has a right to feel and be safe in any surrounding?

There are some surprising reasons for trying to embrace this reality:

  1. If we are realistic about how we work our interactions we are much more likely to be able to plan for safer and more enjoyable interactions.
  2. When we have a bad experience we should be able to more quickly decide on whether it's a crime, or just a dumb ass miscommunication, for which we need not spend the rest of our lives feeling shameful and victimized.
We have ALL HAD EXPERIENCES OF BEING TOUCHED OR PROPOSITIONED, no matter what our gender, age or position in life.  Some of these experiences are more extreme than others and some, in fact, are criminal.  Some of these are humans, acting like humans, as we have been for thousands of  years. Welcome to planet earth, it's not very perfect down here, but it's still pretty nice.

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