Saturday, September 1, 2018


It's important to understand that facts are things we can have an opinion on, BUT CAN NOT CHANGE.

Too much of what drives our discussion when tackling important issues is not accepting reality and working with it.  Interjecting how we feel about an issue clouds how we deal with what is happening.  What we want to work and what will work are often different, especially if we have not accepted the reality in front of us.

What about you, can NOT CHANGE, no matter how you or others feel about it?

You can like or not like your birth date, but your birthday is still your birthday.   You can choose to celebrate it on a different day,  but you can't change the fact of the year, month and day of your birth. You can vote when you turn 18, not when you feel like your 18, or when someone who doesn't know you says it's different.

Put your anger and admiration away when faced with a decision.  Deal with the facts, like them or not.

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