Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Where to get started?

Where to get our feet wet? 


Trump is such an easy target, but will require silos of fact missiles to cover the massive volume of lies and bizarre ramblings history will best know him for.

Sadly, Trump is far from the only government official that needs to be targeted by FactMissile.

Flat earthers?

Throwing away hundreds of years worth of basic scientific knowledge to believe in a conspiracy dating back to well before Christopher Columbus.

Climate change deniers?

A toss up between those who have nothing to lose in accepting the facts but don't understand them and those who have something to lose but manipulate those who don't understand.

Here is where FactMissile plans to be different.  FactMissile doesn't care where the facts point.  FactMissile will support and point out facts, no matter where they point.

We aren't ready to launch yet, but we're fueling up.

Stay tuned

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