Tuesday, August 28, 2018



How can you tell?

We mentioned, earlier,  in "Are You Being Informed Or Inflamed" the use of leading language that taps into your feelings.  Propaganda is designed to tap into your fears and biases.

Does the piece make a claim and offer only vague assumptions as "proof ".  It may provide no evidence at all or imply vague excuses for why there is no proof.  The author may also rely on the reader's lack of knowledge about a topic or region to make completely false statements.

We need to set a personal standard of proof in what we read and watch online. It should be more than what we want to believe.  If the author wants us to believe that someone has committed a crime we should expect them to prove it.  Ask yourself, is this enough evidence that I may believe it was true, even if it was a family member or friend being accused.

No one should be expected to treat it like they are on a jury.  If we are going to insist on getting our rage on every time we go online,  we should be doing a better job of making sure what were angry about is real and true.

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