Wednesday, August 22, 2018


Too much of what is presented as news and information is not information,  its mind control.  Some authors are not letting us know what is happening; they are telling us how to feel about things and we need to be aware of this. 

How can you tell if you are being informed or inflamed?

If you are being fed descriptive words that make you angry, you are being duped.  This is particularly true if you are angry, but find yourself unsure of what is said to have happened.   Being given information can make you angry, but it is your informed opinion that makes you feel that way. When reading information you can decide you don't like what is accurately described.

Someone may inform you that Sally's house is blue.  This does not depict the author's point of view.  It simply states a fact about Sally's house, leaving you to decide whether you like it or not.  On the flip side,  you may be informed that Sally's house is "an ugly blue".  This author is injecting his/her bias in to the description.  The author may simply be passing on a personal bias, or may be intentionally trying to give you a negative impression on Sally's house. Either way, you are being asked to feel a certain way, about something, you know nothing about.

It may be a simplified description,  but I hope it helps you to make an informed assessment on whether you are being informed or inflamed.  Too many of us are becoming extremely angry, and anxious, about being swept up in things we have never experienced or even been a witness to.

Make informed decisions, starting with deciding whether you are being informed or inflamed.

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