Friday, August 24, 2018

How Did We Get Here?

What stops a person, of otherwise high intelligence, from seeing what the majority would agree are clear facts or easily observable evidence?  Why do people, who routinely deal with complex issues fail to apply the same level of thought and reasoning to their beliefs?  I am entirely unqualified to even try to answer, but we have to find those who are qualified and get them on it.  There is nothing less than EVERYTHING riding on it.

Is it fear of change?  Fear of losing a comfortable life style?  Genetics?  I don't even know how to ask the questions, never mind guess at answers, but answer we must.   We can't just sit and watch our society, with access to more knowledge, than has been available for the entirety of human kind, increasingly ignore it.  For some, a return to the dark ages seems to be in the works. Is the realm of sorcerers and dragons a more comfortable place for some?

At the library, (a large room or building filled with books etc.) material is organized into categories.  Facts and fiction are separated and labeled.   You can indulge in conspiracy theories if you like, but they are labeled for what they are.  No such road signs exist on our "information superhighway" so it seems a number of people just don't understand what section they are reading from.

As we see an increased level of radicalization on a number of fronts and work to maintain freedom of expression we must find our way back to trusting facts, evidence, reality and truth.

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