Tuesday, August 28, 2018



How can you tell?

We mentioned, earlier,  in "Are You Being Informed Or Inflamed" the use of leading language that taps into your feelings.  Propaganda is designed to tap into your fears and biases.

Does the piece make a claim and offer only vague assumptions as "proof ".  It may provide no evidence at all or imply vague excuses for why there is no proof.  The author may also rely on the reader's lack of knowledge about a topic or region to make completely false statements.

We need to set a personal standard of proof in what we read and watch online. It should be more than what we want to believe.  If the author wants us to believe that someone has committed a crime we should expect them to prove it.  Ask yourself, is this enough evidence that I may believe it was true, even if it was a family member or friend being accused.

No one should be expected to treat it like they are on a jury.  If we are going to insist on getting our rage on every time we go online,  we should be doing a better job of making sure what were angry about is real and true.

Monday, August 27, 2018


Facts can be a little awkward and when put in the wrong hands can be used to make misinformation.  Facts work best as a team. Very few if any of life's realities can be accurately described using a single fact or a couple of facts.  Multiple facts are needed to give proper context.

A single accurate fact can be misleading.  If a probe landed on earth and took a single photograph of the sky during heavy thunderstorms an alien officer may look at it and conclude that earth's atmosphere is black and violent.  Accurate at that moment, but alone, a fact not showing the true story of our sky.

So when someone wants you to follow along with their story line, don't agree based on a single fact.  It may be true, but needs other facts to be accurate. 


Humans are causing climate change through carbon caused global warming.

Part one of a few.

Does CO2 hold on to more heat than most gasses in earth's atmosphere?


You can see this for yourself.

Here is what the ever popular MYTHBUSTERS did to show the heat trappied by both carbon dioxide and methane.

Watch "Mythbusters tests global warming theory - does CO2 warm air?" on YouTube

These guys have always done good work and they show their methods.

Were going to work on a simplified version that should be easier to replicate at home.  More on that later.  In the meantime the experiment shown on MYTHBUSTERS will help you understand, the effects of carbon dioxide on climate. Those of you who don't think the MYTHBUSTERS are part of "the deep state" at least.

Friday, August 24, 2018


If you live in North America and you have looked out your window to the east there is something you have noticed... you can't see London England,  no matter how strong your telescope.  This is an observable reality.  The higher you go on  a hill, building, in a balloon or airplane,  the farther you can see.  But not London England.

The days in the far north and south get longer and shorter with the change in seasons.  Why?

The moon looks like a ball

The sun looks like a ball.

Get a telescope, and look at the planets, they look like a ball, each and every one.

So now we get to the planet earth, and flat, right.  What else could it be but flat?  Despite all the evidence it has to be flat. 

What is the need for it to be flat?  What advantage is there to a flat earth?  What power is granted to mankind if the earth is flat vs. the reality of a round ball like planet that spins on its axis and revolves around the sun?

There is no need to believe or not believe in a round earth.  It is observable on your own.  You don't have to agree with anyone,  only observe what is around you and apply your reasoning to what you see.


Thousands of years of human history are marked by the spread of and suffering and death caused by disease.   Then came a remarkable understanding; once infected, if we survive,  we are protected from getting the same disease.   The development of vaccine saved millions of lives and prevented an immense amount of suffering.

Despite an overwhelming amount of evidence pointing to the huge value of vaccines to human health we see this:


Antivaxxers can consider this as a FactMissile shot across the bow.  The claims made do not stand up against the evidence of the incredible good vaccines have done for human health.

How Did We Get Here?

What stops a person, of otherwise high intelligence, from seeing what the majority would agree are clear facts or easily observable evidence?  Why do people, who routinely deal with complex issues fail to apply the same level of thought and reasoning to their beliefs?  I am entirely unqualified to even try to answer, but we have to find those who are qualified and get them on it.  There is nothing less than EVERYTHING riding on it.

Is it fear of change?  Fear of losing a comfortable life style?  Genetics?  I don't even know how to ask the questions, never mind guess at answers, but answer we must.   We can't just sit and watch our society, with access to more knowledge, than has been available for the entirety of human kind, increasingly ignore it.  For some, a return to the dark ages seems to be in the works. Is the realm of sorcerers and dragons a more comfortable place for some?

At the library, (a large room or building filled with books etc.) material is organized into categories.  Facts and fiction are separated and labeled.   You can indulge in conspiracy theories if you like, but they are labeled for what they are.  No such road signs exist on our "information superhighway" so it seems a number of people just don't understand what section they are reading from.

As we see an increased level of radicalization on a number of fronts and work to maintain freedom of expression we must find our way back to trusting facts, evidence, reality and truth.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

A Great Resource

Snopes.com does great work and they show their sources.  A very worthwhile resource if you are trying to wade through the cesspool swamp of misinformation that is today's online world.

Snopes.com is a great place to get to the facts.


Too much of what is presented as news and information is not information,  its mind control.  Some authors are not letting us know what is happening; they are telling us how to feel about things and we need to be aware of this. 

How can you tell if you are being informed or inflamed?

If you are being fed descriptive words that make you angry, you are being duped.  This is particularly true if you are angry, but find yourself unsure of what is said to have happened.   Being given information can make you angry, but it is your informed opinion that makes you feel that way. When reading information you can decide you don't like what is accurately described.

Someone may inform you that Sally's house is blue.  This does not depict the author's point of view.  It simply states a fact about Sally's house, leaving you to decide whether you like it or not.  On the flip side,  you may be informed that Sally's house is "an ugly blue".  This author is injecting his/her bias in to the description.  The author may simply be passing on a personal bias, or may be intentionally trying to give you a negative impression on Sally's house. Either way, you are being asked to feel a certain way, about something, you know nothing about.

It may be a simplified description,  but I hope it helps you to make an informed assessment on whether you are being informed or inflamed.  Too many of us are becoming extremely angry, and anxious, about being swept up in things we have never experienced or even been a witness to.

Make informed decisions, starting with deciding whether you are being informed or inflamed.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Where to get started?

Where to get our feet wet? 


Trump is such an easy target, but will require silos of fact missiles to cover the massive volume of lies and bizarre ramblings history will best know him for.

Sadly, Trump is far from the only government official that needs to be targeted by FactMissile.

Flat earthers?

Throwing away hundreds of years worth of basic scientific knowledge to believe in a conspiracy dating back to well before Christopher Columbus.

Climate change deniers?

A toss up between those who have nothing to lose in accepting the facts but don't understand them and those who have something to lose but manipulate those who don't understand.

Here is where FactMissile plans to be different.  FactMissile doesn't care where the facts point.  FactMissile will support and point out facts, no matter where they point.

We aren't ready to launch yet, but we're fueling up.

Stay tuned