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Monday, December 7, 2020


 We are going to do our part in taking away Donald Trump's greatest source of power. On December 14th, after the Electoraĺ College erases him from the White House, Factmissile.com will cleanse the site of our content around this failed president.

He has cast a long enough shadow and doesn't deserve the name recognition he craves into the future. His future will be left to history and the criminal justice system. 

Monday, November 9, 2020


 Relief, at the departure, not of a man, but of indecency, dishonesty, ineptitude and destructiveness. The argument to many is what difference does it make, what business is it of people outside of America. Why do people  feel the right to comment and even try to play a part in the "Resistance"? A single word answer; containment.

The past 4 years, culminating in the dystopian theme park that has been 2020 has been a direct result of not just the man, but the forces that enable him, support him and more easily; tolerate him. It is vital to all of us that we do all we can to ensure the attempt he made is unsuccessful. The themes used to fuel his rise need to be put back in the bottle.

A return to science, facts and data for planning and decision making is welcome. I am once again invited to believe my own eyes. Trees are not pink, the sky not orange. Make no mistake, the problems aren't gone, nor are the forces that propel toxic ideology, but for now at least, they are not at the helm of the free world. 

Saturday, October 24, 2020

The PANDUMBIC is becoming worse than the PANDEMIC.

 Did Donald Trump cause the mesmerizing stupidity that has plagued the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, or just ride the wave?

How did we get to this point where knowledge and qualifications mean nothing. Being qualified is elitist. What's coming next, rock paper scissors to see who flies the jumbo jet to Jamaica? SNAP OUT OF IT PEOPLE.

225,000 People are dead so far in THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Let that sink in.........

It wouldn't be so horrifying if that somehow matched up with what was going on in the rest of the world, but it's not. THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IS BEING OVERTAKEN BY THE VIRUS IN A WAY NOT SEEN IN OTHER ADVANCED NATIONS. Why?

Resources? Money? Capabilities?

There are thousands of questions that need to be asked, but not now. For now the road block to reason needs to be ejected from the Oval Office and a plan of action with a commitment to science needs to be put in motion. This is not going to solve itself. 

Thursday, July 30, 2020


Like so much about America, its core democratic pillars are far less concrete than advertised. Three equal branches that oversee each other...bla bla...

The painful and obvious truth about the "genius" of the founding fathers was the system they put together only worked well when no one tried to test the system. The three pillars of the American Constitutional system stood tall and brutish, until asked to bear weight. Once asked to stand up to task, the system was only as good as the intention of the people entrusted with it. The honor system that held American federal governance together collapsed, immediately when Donald Trump took advantage of Republican leadership's complete lack of honor.

The truth is, no system will ever be immune to the intention of its operators at any given moment. What's more, the current collusion between Trump and senior GOP lawmakers is just the evil twin of the collaboration that is required for any system of government to operate on even the most basic level. The notion that there has to be a constant adversarial relationship between the branches and parties in any governing system holds us back from our potential. There has to be discussion and even disagreements in order to interject new ideas and approaches to dealing with our wide array of current issues. The McConnell model though, is a relic of American corruption. NÒ BRANCH, or chamber, should ever have, or perceive itself to have, the authority to deny the others the right to carry out their duties under the constitution. The job of the Senate is to confirm appointments by the executive not deny the executive its authority under the constitution. McConnell's refusal to look at any appointments Obama was constitutionally entitled during his final year was a racism driven abuse of power. That being said, the current abuses by the executive in the DOJ and state department point to the need for joint authority over vital government safe guards. This though takes us back to the current collusion between Trump and the GOP. Answers to preventing this in the future are elusive,  because again the system is at the mercy of the intention of its operators.

So where to go from here? First a reality check. I'm not an American constitutional scholar. I have simply been observing what is going on with dismay if I am to be honest. I also can't claim to be unbiased. Comments regarding the GOP and their lack of honor are clearly conclusions not observations. 

The safe guards to stopping a dictator from rising in a democracy is ultimately the people who own that democracy. In America the right of the people to assemble is being eroded where those people are not showing support for the wannabe dictator. There is a growing understanding that Trump is laying the groundwork to contest a Biden victory in November. Sowing conspiracies about mail in voting and outside nations is clearly intended to give excuses for not conceding the election and taking the results to unqualified judges he appointed. 

American freedom and global stability hang in the balance. A Trump election coup is Putin's biggest potential win ever. It will give him a nearly free hand to move into Europe. 

With Trump now playing his hand and trying to make a case for delaying the election because of a crisis he is cultivating it is more important than ever to have an alert and responsive American public. 

Monday, June 29, 2020


Just straight out of the gate the question has to be asked. Are Republicans letting Donald Trump do so much damage that a Democrat in the White House and in control of both chambers could not possibly succeed leaving easy wins in 22 and 24? The pattern of Republican/Conservative governments mismanaging the government leaving others to clean it up then getting back in promising the moon, is pretty common. But this feels different, and for sure is extreme in a way only 2020 could offer up.

Most have struggled to explain how and why the Republicans have become so bent down before an inexperienced obviously outclassed and incapable person. At times, only blackmail makes sense and it seems foolish to believe the Russians only hacked the Democrats. There is lots of material available to coerce Republicans who have a long history of yelling virtue while doing the opposite.  Jeffery Epstein's demise is not without questions, but evidence on it is in the conspiracy theory realm. All of that to the side, Americans are dying by the thousands due to an inexcusably negligent government response to COVID-19, evidence of corruption is obvious and apparently legitimate, and the Republicans November fortunes appear to be going up in flames.

People of all races in America are coming together to shout enough, to the endless parade of police killing people of color, without consequences, the military is being used to threaten US citizens while at the same time being targeted with bounties with no action from the White House. AND Trump's Attorney General is making a concerted effort to destroy the Rule of Law and the DOJ. We completely understand, there is far toò much to tackle at once, but there is a clear, "let it burn and roast a marshmallow" atmosphere coming from the Republicans.

It is more important to be vigilant now than ever, and not make this into a win/win scenario for the party that has stunningly allowed much of this to happen. If there is a cheat in with help from another group then American democracy is finished. If the scorched earth approach is truly what is happening, a return to Republican rule with a president who is not as inept could see a swift return to the road to dictatorship.  The GOP must be soundly defeated in November and then followed up with FAIR and JUST investigations and prosecutions where warranted. If there are no consequences for the last 4 years, the American dream was just a fairytale.