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Monday, June 29, 2020


Just straight out of the gate the question has to be asked. Are Republicans letting Donald Trump do so much damage that a Democrat in the White House and in control of both chambers could not possibly succeed leaving easy wins in 22 and 24? The pattern of Republican/Conservative governments mismanaging the government leaving others to clean it up then getting back in promising the moon, is pretty common. But this feels different, and for sure is extreme in a way only 2020 could offer up.

Most have struggled to explain how and why the Republicans have become so bent down before an inexperienced obviously outclassed and incapable person. At times, only blackmail makes sense and it seems foolish to believe the Russians only hacked the Democrats. There is lots of material available to coerce Republicans who have a long history of yelling virtue while doing the opposite.  Jeffery Epstein's demise is not without questions, but evidence on it is in the conspiracy theory realm. All of that to the side, Americans are dying by the thousands due to an inexcusably negligent government response to COVID-19, evidence of corruption is obvious and apparently legitimate, and the Republicans November fortunes appear to be going up in flames.

People of all races in America are coming together to shout enough, to the endless parade of police killing people of color, without consequences, the military is being used to threaten US citizens while at the same time being targeted with bounties with no action from the White House. AND Trump's Attorney General is making a concerted effort to destroy the Rule of Law and the DOJ. We completely understand, there is far toĆ² much to tackle at once, but there is a clear, "let it burn and roast a marshmallow" atmosphere coming from the Republicans.

It is more important to be vigilant now than ever, and not make this into a win/win scenario for the party that has stunningly allowed much of this to happen. If there is a cheat in with help from another group then American democracy is finished. If the scorched earth approach is truly what is happening, a return to Republican rule with a president who is not as inept could see a swift return to the road to dictatorship.  The GOP must be soundly defeated in November and then followed up with FAIR and JUST investigations and prosecutions where warranted. If there are no consequences for the last 4 years, the American dream was just a fairytale. 

Thursday, June 18, 2020


The astonishing silence of the NRA in the wake of George Floyd's murder at the hands of a white police officer and world wide protests condemning it and the plight of black people in America, speaks volumes. It speaks to the systemic racism in the NRA and to the validity of the NRA as an organization. It also screams volumes about the validity of the NRA's arguments supporting the interpretation of the individual rights afforded by the Second Amendment.

If the argument is, the Second Amendment is designed to ensure the American people have a right to maintain arms as a means of protecting themselves from government tyranny, then surely the NRA should be standing tall with the message that arming black Americans would be the best way to counter police violence. They should also be showing the constitutional protections in place to allow an individual to take action against a police officer or any other government official. They are not making this argument and, rightly, SHOULD NOT BE. It does though, lay bare both the obvious racism of the NRA and the obsolescence of the second amendment as it is currently flogged on Americans.

When multiple shooting incidents happen in the United States, the vast majority are carried out by white men. Each of these incidents spurs the discussion of implementing commonsense policies. You can always count on the NRA to stand up and argue against denying powerful weapons to white men who kill indiscriminately with them.
You can also count on desperate and pointless politicians to use the Second Amendment as a racist dog whistle. Jim Jordan did that on Twitter today when calling out Chief Justice John Roberts for doing his job fairly.

There are no provisions in the Constitution of the United States that allow for an individual to make a determination of tyranny, nor, for certain,  to act on it with lethal force. It's impossible, since one person may see speed limits in a school zone as a tyrannical interference instead of a reasonable rule allowing for the safety of children. Instead, as we are seeing now, the framers allow for "peaceable assembly" to redress greivince.

The NRA'S silence on the second amendment right for black Americans to arm and defend themselves against police brutality is not wrong. No such right exists, nor does it exist for white men arming themselves then protesting at Michigan's state capitol to intimidate state lawmakers, except the NRA pushes it and system allows it, in obvious racial bias. It's time to admit the NRA's racist bias and close it down. The Second Amendment, as it is currently pushed, is a relic that needs reform as well.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020


This one got started before the protests surrounding the curbside execution of George Floyd in Minneapolis. The point was always going to be simple:


It's really easy, people who have hope and a way to make that hope reality will work within the system available to make their situation better. Stack the system against them, kill them randomly without recourse or consequence and they will come up with the consequence on their own, and that is what we are seeing now in the United States. It is particularly evident in the lives of people of colour and first nations people in North America.

Whether it's lack of access to education or testing criteria that is slanted to favor a particular type of person or group. Setting aside the issue of systemic racism which can have some innocent participants; ("it's just how we've always done it...") and consider the way, primarily Republican and conservative controlled jurisdictions keep people on the edge. Programs that can help people survive and move forward have long been proven to help people back on their feet and make society safer. They don't though, offer as much opportunity for control.

The conservative preferences is to keep people desperate, focused on survival, stressing about their day to day, leaving the conservative/Republican power brokers free to continue manipulating the system without thoughtful oversight from an informed public. 

This blog was always intended to shine facts onto discussions all too often dominated by feelings, and far too often misinformation, or as we like to call them LIES. But this goal has become insufficient. The lies and outright fraud being pushed as news and all overtly intended to fraudulently manipulate the choices people are making need to be countered. It is not ever appropriate to 
Outright lie, but we MUST get more aggressive in confronting the tactics being used to take over the world. 

All the campaigns and organizing voters means nothing if obvious REPUBLICAN VOTER SUPPRESSION AND FRAUD are not aggressively countered and exposed. Voter suppression is perhaps the most egregious crime committed against a democracy.

Thursday, May 28, 2020


The virus has NOT been modified or lab created, nor has it been concentrated or redistributed. Trump
and FOX#### have though, dampened down the science and understanding of the virus and the pandemic to the point where their following almost gleefully put themselves in danger in a way they would not if they were given proper information. The motive is hard to understand. Do they completely take for granted the loyalty of the millions of people following them, that they are willing to sacrifice themselves and their families to prove a point, that is false on its face?

Millions of Americans,  primarily Trump supporters crammed into bars, onto beaches and tourist sites this holiday weekend. People are understandably eager for some sense of what we have all come to know as normal life. Through crafted messaging though,  these people are being misinformed that this event is rather on the way to being finished or never really was all that bad, 100,000 deaths be damnd. In doing this the Trump Administration is politicizing and weaponizing the pandemic response. 

The irony in all of this, the weaponized response is being aimed with laser-guided precision on Trump's own power base. It seems ironic, but it could also be exactly to plan. It has always been unclear who in the Trump Administration is calling the shots. As cases in the south continue to rise and hospital capacity falls will the willing followers finally being to look at the reality around them and compare it to the stream of lies and misinformation from Trump, FOX#### and AON? The people are dying and sooner or later have to draw the conclusion that the picture they are being asked to believe isn't the same as where they are.
Any way you look at things in the USA right now there is a single common DESTABILIZED reality, growing harsher and harsher, day by day. The every day running of America is more unstable every day. We all know who benefits most from this reality, and it seems certain that Trump will continue to weaponize this situation as long as Putin continues to work on his campaign from the back rooms.

Thursday, May 21, 2020


As the world was getting settled into the system of almost everything being made in China, COVID-19 sends a wakeup. There can't be just one central hub for manufacturing, no matter how convenient or enriching. The ramifications of this are enormous economically and geopolitically. 

China has long sought a position of global influence more in line with being not only the largest nation by population but also being able to track its national story for millennia. As the world's one stop shop for almost everything manufactured they were looking at, soon, being able to assume that mantle. Economic power has been shifting toward China as the market for cheap consumer goods turned their capacity for production and lower labour cost into a siren call to western corporations eager to sell high volumes, repeatedly to consumers eager for the low cost and throw away convenience. China also offered a means of moving production away from, in particular, North American production facilities in favor of the lower cost, lower regulated Chinese environment. COVID-19 has exposed the problems with focusing too much reliance on one economy for the production of what would become essential supplies.

There is malice being expressed as a result of the emergence of COVID-19 out of mainland China, but it is at best uninformed, and, also, unfortunately, it comes as faux blaming for political cover, by the always faux, Trump Administration. The reality is its a system that is not workable, globally. The truth is we can't have manufacturing capacity all tied to one country, or region for that matter because some supplies can't be interrupted. 

Malicious or not, the necessary reduction of reliance on China for all things manufactured has the same effect on China. A reduction of its global power just as it was about to assume the mantle of a true global superpower. There is going to be frustration and true angst in the power lines in China as its economic outlook changes. How well it adjusts will depend on the ambitions of the leadership and the attitudes of the world around us. 

If we turn to an atmosphere of blame and politically convenient bashing, the capacity that exists can be quickly turned to arming a hostile cornered feeling China. The world, by necessity will be a different place as a result of COVID-19. What that difference looks like, is up to all of us to craft.